sanding blocks to aid repair and restoration of prestige cars and boats  
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You'll get a much better result with Flexible Sanding Blocks.



Our flexible sanding blocks in three different sizes work great for wet or dry sanding. Each offers controllable flexibility controlled by solid metal bars inserted in the body of the block, for the ultimate sanding of curved or irregular surfaces in either auto or marine use. The special construction enables flexibility for finishing contoured surfaces, whilst the high-tensile steel base allows excellent flexibility. Ergonomic grip complies with Australian OHS standards. Comes with flexible heavy duty rods that can be added or subtracted to tailor the flexibility to fit the body panel curves. Special adhesive sandpaper is held securely during wet or dry block sanding operations.

  • Molded foam sanders have tempered spring steel base plates
  • Base plates are bent up 90° to prevent metal from scratching project
  • Flex-bars have end caps to prevent movement and scratches
  • Molded foam handles provide a comfortable hand grip
  • Built to last for years
  • Pliable rubber block for mild contours.

No dents, no ripples, no digging into fill material. Use our 800 mm block for blocking large surfaces.

We looked at competing American products and we were shocked that many weren't sold with warranties. That's why they aren't available in Australia. So we designed a series for Australian conditions to meet the strict safety laws we have in Australia. Our AUSTRALIAN DESIGNED items are designed to minimise your OH&S risk. Each comes with full worksafe-compliant risk analysis sheet and each comes with FULL TRADE PRACTICES ACT WARRANTY. We have designed our products to comply with Australian Standards AS 3746 and AS 4115 and relevant workplace safety legislation in every state and territory.



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