It's amazing what you can achieve when you think around corners.

I provide fast flexible answers.

I do fast, accurate, well-written research into areas of law, business, forensic accountancy, town planning and investment. I provide lateral solutions to problems and write in a clear and simple fashion. I aim at the result and not the process, so if I'm asked to research whether it's possible to argue for a particular outcome, I work backwards from the desired outcome and see if the set of facts support the argument. Download a sample.

I also write CPD training packages and precedents for law firms,(download a sample) as well as franchise manuals for franchisors (and I have a great set of franchising precedents for sale).

All my work is succinct - like this web page.

It's thinking around corners which helped me remake bankruptcy law by getting the first bankruptcy order made without a court judgment to found it in over 70 years. It's thinking around corners which helped me defeat ill-founded claims of legal privilege and have people jailed for non-payment of small instalments on debts, a good way of getting them paid back with interest in full. It's thinking around corners which brought the new approach to construction contracts, the subject of one of my textbooks published by, and my Ph.D thesis (also published by Smokeball).Download what THE AGE, Melbourne's major newspaper, said about my retirement in a half page spread in the Saturday supplement.



My thoughtful, lateral approach doesn't just solve problems! It makes already good situations even better. All my research is based on simple concept - if it can't be drawn in a flow chart it probably won't flow as an argument, so it won't work.

Research samples can be supplied on request for law firms, self-represented litigants, franchisors, liquidators, trustees, investors and accountants. Casual Rates start at $160 per hour or $160 per 1000 words. Contract rates by negotiation.

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